Working to keep Spanish in Calgary's Area IV

As the new school year gets into full swing, many parents are wondering about where — and how — the Westgate Spanish program will be housed in 2015-16 and beyond.  The province’s recent announcement regarding the funding of eight portables for Westgate is encouraging, but the critical path to support a K-6 Spanish bilingual continuum in the area remains ambiguous.

As an informal coalition of parents dedicated to supporting this vibrant program and keeping it in the area, our aim is to share as much information as possible about developments that affect Westgate Spanish and the Westgate School community as a whole. Please be sure to sign up to receive updates via email.

Over the past five years, Westgate School has been through three accommodation processes with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).  The province’s funding of eight modulars for Westgate offers some much-needed breathing room and appears to offer a workable stop-gap measure for next year. However, to date, no appropriate and feasible solution has been found

We thank all Westgate parents for their valuable contributions — both large and small — of time and energy.  While the future of the Westgate Spanish program is currently unclear, we hope  the continued dedication of parents as well as the will of the CBE and provincial leaders will bring about a fair and workable solution that will put the needs of all students at the forefront.

We encourage you to review the details of the efforts to date to secure appropriate space.  These summaries of the various initiatives undertaken by parents only touch on the highlights of these efforts as the complete details would be all too lengthy and laborious.  Read about efforts and developments to date:

For supporting CBE documents, please refer to the CBE Westgate School accommodation page.